Doing It Right: Customer Service

Back in the day when I gracefully (awkwardly) pranced the hallways of my high school, I occasionally had friends ask me if my mom could do an order of custom t-shirts for them. Whether it was for student groups, miscellaneous events, or just for fun, there was always some unspoken expectation that these t-shirts would be super intricate and dirt cheap at the same time. Even after requesting apparel that included 97 different colors, 4 pockets, a multi-colored zipper, and a built-in GPS system, people just didn’t understand why the t-shirts were so expensive.

Why shouldn’t they just google “custom t-shirts”, create their own design right on the website, and order some cheap t-shirts from overseas? That’s exactly what most of them did. And I shook my head in disappointment every time, knowing what was going to happen. I’m going to refer now to the old adage “You get what you pay for”. 

Obviously there are exceptions to this. For example, the 99 cent slushies at Super America are just as good or perhaps better tasting than the 4.99 slushies at the movie theater (I hope I didn’t spark controversy here). When it comes to custom apparel however, you really do get what you pay for.

It always brought a smile to my face as I watched classmates walking around with flustered looks on their faces, trying so hard to avoid that temptation to pick away at the uncomfortable (and already peeling) heat pressed logo on their “awesome” new t-shirts. Along with that, it was always fun observing the two or three t-shirts with blatant misspellings or crooked logo alignment. On an overall awkward/failure scale, these t-shirt orders ranked just slightly above actor Michael Cera’s attempt at growing a mustache (see below).


Pretty painful, I know. With Image Builders however, this kind of awkward pain can be avoided. Having a small customer-oriented staff with knowledge about all phases of our operation, we can assure you that you will be more than satisfied with whatever promotional item you may need.

We aren’t just some computer generated design and order system; we will work with you to make sure your promotion is high quality, with a visually appealing and effective message. If there are bumps in the road, we have the expertise and flexibility to quickly address any issues to ensure your satisfaction. That’s the small business advantage.

So remember the next time you order custom apparel, you get what you pay for. You can go experience the second-to-none customer service here at Image Builders, or you can roll the dice and end up looking dweebier than Michael Cera’s mustache. Your choice.