Doing It Right: Fulfillment

There were many sounds to be heard last week within the confines of the Image Builders shipping room. The squeaky snarls of the tape dispensers. The subtle slapping of labels onto boxes. The chit-chat of Traci as she stuffs boxes with bubble-wrap whilst trying to decide which 90’s Bruce Willis movie was the best (see below).

After having collectively put together, packaged, and shipped over 1,200 barbecue gift sets (1 sportula, 2 bottles of barbecue sauce, and a custom bag) in a matter of a few days, we felt like we had just climbed Mt. Everest – minus the gale-force winds and lung shattering atmospheric conditions. In our defense, however, the shipping room was humid enough that we had to casually fan ourselves with folded up packing slips; nearly as extreme as any mountain summit. It’s a rough life, we know.

All jokes aside, when you work with Image Builders for your promotional needs, know that we take pride in our fulfillment capabilities. We want to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied, and order management is a large piece to the puzzle. Every package is personally handled by one of our team members from start to finish. This approach allows us to ensure each and every order is defect-free, packaged carefully to prevent damage, sorted correctly, and shipped out on-time. Whether it’s 12 t-shirts or 1,200 multi-piece gift sets, we handle and pack each order with more care than a suburban dad handles and packs his beer cooler. Now that is some serious attention to detail.